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One Step Ahead

Science - R&D - Innovation

DE|TECH family continues to expand with new products.

 It offers personalized solutions with 3D printing technology.

Customized Solutions

We continue to grow by combining our more than 20 years of experience with our R&D and innovations.

DE 2

DE|TECH IMPLANT surface has been completely alkalized through a special method developed by our R&D team, in addition to the SLA protocol. As a result of this special process, the surface obtains a homogeneous and hydrophilic structure, which accelerates the osseointegration process and completes it to an ideal extent. This ensures perfect compatibility of the implants with the body, leading to a more efficient and reliable healing process

Go Beyond Traditional
Practices With DE|MONO Implant

It offers excellent stability with its expanded cutting groove structure

and is suitable for instant loading. It stands out with its monoblock

structure and bendable neck design. It can be used in both

single and multiple cemented and telescopic restorations.

  • It offers the possibility of direct placement into the alveolar bone of patients with severe bone loss using methods like immobilization or transgingival placement.

  • It has a polished surface, monobloc structure, and a 15-degree bendable neck.

  • It is a unique design for both single and multiple restorations.

Enhanced Fit and Functionality:

Custom implants have several advantages over traditional implants.

These implants are designed to fit the patient’s anatomy. Better fit

brings improved stability and functionality. This allows patient

outcomes to improve, complications to decrease and the

recovery process to be faster.







DE|TECH IMPLANT has been manufacturing dental implants since 2016 and exporting to more than 10 countries.

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